Are You Meeting Resistance From The School?

Sometimes parents feel that their child should receive certain services and the school is relunctant to provide them. Please send in a comment so that we can generate some discussion.


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Do You Think Your Child Might Have Learning Disabilities?

Please send in a comment so that we might generate some discussion.

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Parents Information Website

If you think your child may have a learning disability, LDOnline provides information to help you tackle the problem Top subjects include “Identifying learning disabilities“, “Navigating the special education process” and “Helping your child at home“.

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Basic Information About Learning Disabilities

The National Institute of Neurological Disorders and provide some basic information about learning disabilities. These nonprofit sites will give you an overview which can help you start thinking about whether or not your child may have a problem.

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My Story In Brief


My wife and I have two children with severe dyslexia. They are now adults and doing well. Their problems started in the early grades. The time from when we sensed something was wrong until we finally were able to get them the right kind of help was one of the most difficult in our lives. It took five years. This period was filled with every negative emotion that you can imagine. We also found some wonderful people to help us along the way. It was a journey of patience and perseverance. My family was extremely lucky  



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